如果一座城因 " 水 " 而灵动,

那么一座城也因 " 山 " 而厚重。



If a city is inspired by "water",

Then a city is also decorous   by   "mountains".

The western   mountain of Kunming  

is carrying charm   of this city.

Like a Kunming witness from ancient  

to the present times.






Harvesting in autumn and storing  

of grain in winter.

The western   hills   are standing  

in a corner and in the eternal   both.

According to the nature, everuthing is   growing.

The western hills   are   more than just a mountain.

It ’ s   a relax   playground.


Mountains and rivers are accompanied  

for the   spring city ’ s beauty

" 苍崖万丈,绿水千寻,月印澄波。云横绝顶,滇中一佳境也。" 这就是昆明西山——昆明的 " 绿翡翠 "。

"The cliff is great, green water is deep, moon   shadow   is clear.   It ’ s a nice place where clouds are all over the top. "   This is the "green jadeite" of Kunming's Western mountain.

生活在昆明,不由得会想起西山,想起蜿蜒静卧滇池畔的 " 睡美人 "。所谓伊人在水一方,悠悠滇池,魏巍西山,连接着昆明人太多的情怀。

Life   in Kunming, is impresssed by   the Western Hills and the sleeping beauty mountain.   Dianchi waters carrying   so   many feelings of Kunming people.


The rolling hills are just like a beautiful woman lying on the edge of Dianchi lake. Her green silk is floating in the waves of Dianchi, graceful and charming.


The scenery is always   different. No matter if on   the mountain or behind   the mountain, the scenery is fascinating.   After thousands the Western Hills are still green. The four seasons are blooming, trees are old and forests are dense.


She is like in a beautiful poem, no matter how the time flow, she is like a calm   ancient person, can always make   calm down and listen quietly to her twittering.


With a pious hearts, at the foots   of the Western Hills, in the waters of Dianchi, whispering with the sleeping beauty,   is a beautiful thing   for people.


Listen to the wind, understand  

the meaning of fame.


Western mountains   stand on the edge of the Dianchi lake for thousands of years. Between prosperity and silence, it contains all things in the world.


Must take one   day   off, walk in the mountains, face   the breeze, listen to the wind.   Stroke   the historical sites that are carved by time, and feel the bright   thousands years   history   of Kunming.

华亭寺、太华寺、三清阁 ...... 雕栏画壁的古建筑掩藏于青山茂林中,禅房花木,曲径通幽,与世隔绝。抚摸这里的一砖一瓦,静听佛音绕绕,心中杂念随滇池的水流走,静心于此,抛开杂念,峻峭之巅修行,绝壁处收获不一样的人生况味。

Huating temple, Taihua temple and San Qingge are hidden in green hills and forests.   Touch the bricks and tiles here, calm down, listen to the sound of the Buddha,   walk around the Dianchi.


Counting stone stairs, sensing the wisdom and of ancients.   Everything, even a sand, will shock you.   Those carefully crafted bits and pieces will always touch the heartstrings, sigh the ancients' courage and persistence.

" 一登龙门,身价十倍 " 登龙门,可谓是每一个昆明人最大的乐趣。行走峭壁,心境豁然开朗。真应验了那句:" 不耍西山等于不到昆明,不到龙门只是白跑一趟西山 "。

"One visit to   Dragon gates, is really worth that". That   is the greatest joy   for   Kunming people.   While walking on the cliff, your mind is clear.   It really came to pass: "if not to climb   western   mountain is like never been   Kunming."

站在 " 龙门 ",云栖禅心,置身世外绝壁,相拥整个昆明城,俯瞰五百里滇池。清晨于此观日出,赏云海,气象万千,恢弘壮丽;入夜登楼,俯视昆明万家灯火,滇池波光粼粼,别有一番情趣和韵味。

Standing in   the "Dragon gates",   listening to   Buddhist heart, facing the outer wall, embracing the whole city of Kunming, overlooking the five hundred miles of   Dianchi.   In the early morning, when the sun rises, enjoy the clouds sea, that is so   magnificent.   Go upstairs at night, overlook lights of   Kunming, Dianchi sparkling, is also so charming.


Wait for the sunset and   fragrance of   flowers


In Kunming, there is a kind of beauty, called the western   mountain   sunset.   Every time the sun sets, the sun shone diagonally on the horizon of the Western Hills, and the afterglow shrouded the whole mountain.


At this time, the Western Hills are full of deep and fresh warmth.   It   seems   to be waiting for a distant family.

登西山,从密林中穿过,感受万物生长的声与色,听鸟唱虫鸣,山风流泉之韵律;静赏山峦四季繁花,品悟 " 久在樊笼里,复得返自然 " 的真谛。

While   passing through the dense forest, feel the sounds   and colors   of everything, listen to birds singing in the rhythm with   insects, and mountain breeze is   flowing.


On the Western Hills, touch the Dragon gates, enjoy the afterglow of Dianchi, see the sails, birds   and sunset.   Soak a pot of tea, sit in the temple, listen to the sound of the drum, forget the miscellaneous world, enjoy the quiet time.

华灯初上,俯瞰春城灯光璀璨,感受昆明繁华喧闹;趁着明月星光信步下山,从 " 山中无岁月,红尘无烦扰 " 踏入城市市井街巷的热闹。

Lanterns   are beginning to light   up   the spring city,   feel the bustle of Kunming.   Bright moonlight is walking down the mountain, we enter the bustle of city streets and lanes after the "no troubles time in the mountains ".






The city is the embrace of the mountain, the mountain is the city's reliance,

They   depend on each other for a thousand years.  

The   sun in   spring city is   setting   in the west, and Kunming is reflected in the sun.

The summer wind is blowing behind flowers,

I listen to the wind on   the western   mountain,   wait for   sunset and for   you.


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